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By definition, this website presents humorous material which is outside of the mainstream.  This may be offense to some.  If it offends you, too bad.  Stay home.  Turn off your tv, radio and computer.  Read the religious book of your choosing, huddle in a ball and hear voices for all we care.  You have no right not to be offended if you choose to enter this site and view the materials here.

Having said that, we try to stay just barely on the right side of the fine line between humor which is warped, twisted, off-the-wall... and that which is just plain sick or hateful.

And of course, we will not present any materials which violate applicable laws; such as child porn!


We hold the copyrights to many of the materials presented here, but obviously many files, art, text, video clips, photos, etc. are submitted by site visitors.  We attempt to verify that the works are either not copyright or that permission is granted to present them here. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners, no intentional attempts have been made to infringe on the copyright laws

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